Checking the premises of a Shop in England. (See testimonial from Ms. J.)

Asking for our Guides to surround us with protective light and our Father Mother God to bless this healing I then proceeded to ask Arch Angel Michael to place all those who are necessary for the healing to take place in his Crystal Golden Healing Pyramid. I asked Mother Earth to surround us from her side in the shape of an upside down Pyramid so that we were working from a 6 pointed star.

After the usual protection was asked for and after Linda was induced into hypnosis she sent part of her consciousness to the Shop and found herself standing outside the premises.

Linda said that the energy around the building was okay except for a stream of grey energy entering the shop.
Linda said it was from a spirit that was continually going through the building.
Linda asked the Healing Angels to stop this earthbound spirit so that we could talk to it and help.  Linda confirmed that the person was there.

Addressing this lost soul it turned out to be a man who said that his name was John Brown. He said that he was not doing too good and needed help. He said that he had died in a car accident and was 52 years old. He found himself in the dark and was desperately trying to find his way home. He agreed to healing to his shoulders and neck and I called upon the light to surround him and to give him healing, warmth and Love. He slowly relaxed in the light and I called upon someone to come to him to explain better than I. He said that his father was there for him. After a happy reunion and after checking his father’s authenticity and that he was clear himself he left to the light with his father. His father told him that he had been in the dark for about two months.

I called upon the Healing Angels to place the premises in a vortex of light and to ‘hoover’ up all negative energy in and around the building and from the earth to the universe, transmute it into positive and to use it for the good of the universe. I asked that positive energy replace the negative energy released.

The Elementals came in and went through the building with a beautiful ‘broom’ of Light and scrubbed and cleared the whole store, each corner and filled it with Light and positive energy.
Linda confirmed that healing crystals were placed in every room giving out loving energies. She watched as one big beautiful Violet crystal was placed in the middle of the store. This crystal helps to let go of negative energy and will attract positive energy.
I asked the Elementals to keep working with the Angels to keep the positive energies flowing, making it a happy place for all who work and visit there.

I asked that Happy Angels be present to bring in the sunshine, light and laughter.
I asked that Abundance Angels be present to make the business a vibrant one.
I asked that all who enter the crystalline cocoon of protection around the
premises have all negative energies removed, where possible, so that all who enter that space experience the peace and tranquillity.

After thanking all our helpers the session finished.

Love & Light, Bob and Linda


Permission was granted to scan Ms. L.

Linda said that She was seeing another person with Ms.L. It was like a shadow around her trying to take over. It needed to be dealt with before we scanned her any further.

Addressing this lost soul a very strong willed lady said that her name was Ruth. She was rather confused and told us that if we wanted to help we could get rid of this other
interfering lady (Ms.L.) so that she could get on with her life. She scoffed at the idea that it may be the other way round. Gently taking her back to the last thing that she remembered of her life she said that she was cycling down the road and hit a dead animal. She remembered being thrown off against a tree and not much else. She admitted that her whole body ached, especially her neck, lower back and legs. She then started to realise that she had died and that she might be the one who was interfering.
She readily agreed to healing and I called upon the light to surround Ruth and to give her healing, warmth and love. Ruth slowly relaxed in the light. She said that she could move her neck freely and that her legs felt great. She wanted to know more about where she was now and I called upon someone from the light to come to Ruth to explain better than I. To her surprise she said that her brother was there for her. She said that he looked beautiful. He had died of cancer. It was a happy, but tearful reunion.
Ruth said that her brother had told her it was her traumatic experience and subsequent anger that stopped her from seeing the light. She had been angry at the world. She was only 54 years old and her life had been cut short. She had joined Ms.L. around 5 years ago. She had found her ‘travelling’ and had been attracted to her because she had similar energies to herself. She had been tired at the time and was open for her to join her. She had then wanted to take over and get back at the world. She apologised if she had caused her any problems. After checking her brother’s authenticity and that Ruth was clear herself she left to the light with her brother. I called upon the Healing Angels to fill the spiritual space left by Ruth in Ms.L. with healing light and for the healing to continue for as long as possible.

Healing then took place as normal.

You can read the results of this report in our Testimonials for Ms.L.

We had a request from a grandmother for her granddaughter and this is what she wrote to us.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to work on my grand daughter Miss S.
It is very difficult to give you any real information about her as she is moving around a lot and lies a lot to us. We know she is taking drugs and is spending all her time with addicts.
She is moving around in a certain area but we don’t know where exactly.
Her personality is so different that I feel she could have an attachment, if not, so be it, but at least I will have done all I can to resolve the situation.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Mrs. K.


We scanned Miss S. with having only her name and the county where she was last seen.
She was shown to me, in our Spiritual Healing Pyramid from where we work, with her back to me, meaning she wanted to be left alone.
But her Higher Self gave us permission to do the work.

There was darkness in the head area, in two different places and a lot of darkness around the heart area.
I was told that there was a lot of sadness with her and she was holding on to negative karma, a lot of anger from this life and other lifetimes.

We found an earthbound spirit with her who had died of an overdose of drugs at the age of 14. He had been influencing Miss S. for his own ends.
When he eventually agreed to be helped we called upon the light to surround him and to give him healing, love and warmth. When he relaxed in the light he told us that he had been abused badly in this life and wanted to know why.
We called upon someone to come to him from the Light to explain better than us.
He became alarmed as two ‘doctors’ came for him. We explained to him that they were special doctors and he could talk with them and that no one would do anything against his free will.
The ‘doctors’ changed into two beautiful Angels and told him he needed more healing and that they would take him to a place of rehabilitation in the Light where he would understand what had happened to him. He agreed to go with them.

The other darkness in the head turned out to be Dark Force Entities.
They had worked on her to open her up for more dark energy to enter and take her over.
They were, with the help of A.A.Michael, transformed back into their former selves as Lightbeings and they then helped the Healing Angels with the healing pf Miss S.


We then asked the Healing Angels to form the Vortex of Light in between lives and called upon all the players in this lifetime and any other appropriate lifetime connected with this karma to come into the vortex of light where love, forgiveness and understanding can be given all round..
We were shown lifetimes where she was always on her own, isolated. This was caused by her own misguided thoughts and made her lives a misery.
All this was dealt with by the Angels in the usual way, this karma was released from all souls concerned and then Healing took place.


Before we did the back up scan we had a letter from the grand mother who said that the girl’s attitude changed immediately after the release. She could not believe the difference in her since we worked on her. She thanked us from the bottom of her heart for helping to give back her grand daughter to her. See her letter in our Testimonials.


Case history of James (not real name.)

We were requested to help and scan a young man by his grandmother. Our form had returned with 8 yeses, a good indicator for ‘trouble.’                                     
We did the scan on Tuesday 23rd January at 5 o’clock, here is our report.
After asking for our protection and everybody concerned in this healing Bob asked Linda, who was under ‘hypnosis’ to find James and ask his higher self for permission to scan him. Permission was granted and Linda then scanned James’ body and aura to report any problems she might see, sense, feel, or is told are not correct. Linda reported that there were problems in the neck, in the groin, and that the aura was dull, almost brown.
Addressing the problem in the neck, the most prominent, it turned out to be an earthbound spirit who said his name was James. I confirmed that this was not James (from now on Jim) who we were scanning, but a lost soul who did not accept at first, that he was not in his own body. After prompting his own memory to go back to when he had his own body, he relived his own death and then realised that he was with James. He panicked and wanted to leave, I called upon the light to come to him and surround him and to give him love, warmth (they always complain of being cold) and healing. He relaxed and then relived his own departure from his body. He said he was knocked down by a car and rushed to hospital, they tried to revive him but it was too late. He saw his body left alone within four white walls, saying that he was always alone, he had no friends and quietly was drinking himself to death; he was 26 years old.

Asking who was there for him in the light he said his father had come. He started having an argument with his father saying that he left him alone when he was 13 years old and he had to look after himself, his mother was useless and his father should not have married her. He said, “She didn’t want me and you went away and I started drinking, a lot sometimes, something snapped.” He did not want to leave with his father and did not want another miserable life on earth. Bob called upon his Angels to come and give him more healing and to be his friends. He said that he saw them and he spoke to them and eventually agreed to leave to the light with them and his father.(We understand that his father ''came'' for him as the two had not dealt with their problems whilst in the physical body, it was not possible for Jim to go into the Light, he and his dad had to become friends first) Asking to check his own spiritual body to see that he himself was free of attachments he was suddenly surprised to see something in his stomach area. I asked him to wait while I talked to the problem, as he did not want to take something with him. (This is a typical case of ''Layer upon Layer'', one attachment with other attachments which all can influence the person they are attached to!)

Addressing the problem in the stomach of Jim it turned out to be another earthbound spirit who said her name was Evelyn. She said that she had died of alcohol at the age of 63 and joined Jim when he was drunk in a pub. She had stayed with him when he died. She too expressed being cold and I called the light to come to her and surround her and give her healing. She said that an Angel had come for her and that she would be happy to go with the Angel. She said that she was outside of Jim now. Returning to Jim I asked him if he had influenced James in any way. He said he was sorry if he had, but said that it was possible that he had as he thought he was James and may have sent him his thoughts and anger and loneliness. After assuring him that we would look after James he left with his father and Angel and Linda saw Evelyn and her Angel go with him.
I called upon the Healing Angels to fill the spiritual space left by these spirits in James with healing light. I asked Linda to check to see if the problem in the groin area was caused by the presence of Evelyn in James and Linda confirmed that the problem had gone. I asked Linda to place James in a protective cocoon of Golden White Light and asked the Special Chakra Angels to come and help to cleanse and align the Chakras. I called the Auric Angels to come and help brighten the Aura.                                   
Linda reported that James was now in a bright light and his Aura was cleansed and healed. We thanked all our helpers and Higher Selves involved in the healing and asked the Angels to stay with James for as long as necessary and after checking that both of us were clear the session finished.
On the Tuesday the 20th February we did the back up scan and found there were no attachments but there was an old negative residue that could do with distance healing which Linda would do later. Linda also said that there was darkness hovering around James and the building he was in but that he was protected. Linda, together with the Healing Angels strengthened James’ protection and we again asked the Angels to stay and help James’ own Guides and Angels and his Higher Self with the ongoing healing.
I then called upon St. Michael and the Warriors to place a net of white light around all darkness, around James and the building and pull it snug.                                                                                    

Addressing a spokesperson to come forward and speak to me we made contact and found that we had encapsulated 500 DFE’s. These DFE’s said that they had an easy job attaching themselves and had taken over the place. They are attracted by the negative vibrations. (James would stay at a clinic sometimes) We, together with the Warriors, changed all of these dark ones into their former selves and Linda saw them as beautiful beings. They were then delighted and eager to help. They made sure that all negativity was removed from the building and they placed guards in every room and corridor to make sure that any dark ones that tried to enter would be persuaded to change themselves back into light. They made this decision themselves. They then happily left to their own place of healing, with the Warriors, in the light. Again, after checking that both of us were clear the session finished.
We received our Remote Releasement Follow-up Report from the grandmother back with information about James’ progress, and this is what she said:

Dear Bob and Linda, The following changes have taken place since James’ Spirit Release.

On Monday 22nd January at 6.15 PM, James rang his parents to say he felt really ill. He was having terrible stomach pains, had a headache and felt very cold. The clinic was told and he was being monitored. On Tuesday morning he felt much better and in the evening, when his parents visited him, he was laughing and joking and just like his old self. They could not believe the transformation. Wednesday I received your report. Wednesday onwards he has remained positive and he now informs us since Wednesday he has a girlfriend. This is amazing as he says he hated girls and he has been quite hostile to his mother- now we understand why! He has joined the local gym and has had a full weekend, spending quite a lot of time with his friends.                                               
Today his father asked him about the voices in his head and he says he is still hearing them, but there certainly doesn’t seem any evidence in his behaviour. We give our heartfelt thanks to God, all His helpers and of course yourselves for working with and helping James regain his life and for your help with Jim and Evelyn who have now progressed and gone in peace to the Light. We are absolutely delighted with the transformation in James and all his family give their sincere thanks.

That Christmas we received a beautiful Angel Christmas card from the grandmother wishing us Angel Blessings and another thank you for the changes in James. With the words: “Myself and my family think you do tremendous work and hope you will continue to do so for a long time to come”.
This is when we know that we are on the right path. It does not always work like this you know that the persons themselves were ready to take on the change, which was given to them by the Universe.

Our next scan was done very recently, the request came from Vancouver, Canada. You can read the testimonial of Mrs. R. under our Testimonials.

Spirit Release for Mrs.R.

Protection was asked for from God, Jesus, St. Michael and the Warriors, all our helping Guides and Angels and Mrs. R’s Guides and Angels.

A protective cocoon of Golden White Light was placed around all concerned in this releasement.
Under hypnosis I asked Linda to send part of her consciousness to find Mrs.R. and ask her Higher Self permission to scan her.

Permission was granted, and I asked Linda to scan Mrs. R’s body and aura and to report any problems that she might see, sense, feel or is told are not correct.

Linda was ‘told’ that there were two earthbound spirits with Mrs.R. They were sisters and one was in the left chest area, the other in the lower body around the solar plexus/womb/ intestine area. Linda said that it would be best to help these two lost souls before looking any further.

Addressing the two ladies and asking for one of them to speak to me through Linda, the one who spoke said that she was in charge and was looking after her sister who was very scared. She said that her name was Margaret and her sister was Yvette. Margaret was becoming quite agitated and wanted to know who we were. I assured her that we were there to help them and she wanted to know why it had taken so long. She said that she and her sister had been through hell in this terrible war for years and years. There were bombs dropping and explosions and they had hidden everywhere. Then they found themselves in this other hell, all the screaming and shouting, it was very frightening. They had found shelter with their host and were too scared to leave their hideaway. I assured them that no one would force them to do anything that they did not wish to do, but offered to show them where they should have gone. Margaret warily agreed and I called upon the light to come and surround her and her sister and to give them healing, love and warmth. It took some time for the ladies to relax and then Margaret said that it was so quiet and beautiful. She felt warm and loved and could hear music. I called upon someone to come to Margaret and Yvette from the light to explain what had happened to them. Margaret looked into the light and to her astonishment she said that her mother, father and brother were all there. It was a happy, but tearful reunion. A lot of conversation went on between them and she said that her family had told them that they had been ‘lost’ for nearly 70 years. They had died at the age of 47 and 37 in the war. They had become separated from their family. I asked when and where they had joined their host and Margaret was told that it had been approx 30 years ago. They had joined Mrs.R. who was in a group of people in a hospital. She had reminded them of their mother and was open for them to join her at that time. She asked me to apologise to Mrs.R. if they had caused any problems, as it was not intentional. After checking the family’s authenticity I asked Margaret to look at herself and her sister to see that they were beautiful spirits of light and that there was no darkness with them. Surprisingly Margaret said that her left foot was dark. I asked Margaret to wait until we had cleared this dark energy. 

Addressing this problem in Margaret’s left foot it turned out to be another lost soul who was so scared all he could say was ‘don’t shoot, don’t shoot’. I assured him that we were there to help him and called the Healing Angels to come to him and to wrap their protective wings around him. He said that his name was Heinz and that he was eleven years old. His fear slowly left him and he said that the Angels had wrapped their wings around him and that he was not scared any more.

Linda then said that the Angels had taken him to the light.
Returning to Margaret she was happy to see that there was no more dark energy with her. The whole family then happily went to the light.

I called upon the Healing Angels to fill the spiritual space left by these lost souls in Mrs.R. with healing light and to release any residual negative energies and fears that they may have left behind. I asked that the healing go on for as long as possible.

Asking Linda to now continue scanning Mrs.R. she said that a good general healing would be very beneficial and that special attention was necessary to the lower spine and pelvic area. The chakras needed to be aligned and Mrs.R. needed to be grounded. The aura needed to be cleansed and her protection strengthened.
I called upon the Healing Angels to give spiritual and physical healing to Mrs.R. as necessary.

I called upon the Chakra Angels to come and ground Mrs.R. and to open and balance the chakras so that the new energies can flow through all of the circulation systems and energy systems regenerating and rejuvenating them as necessary.

Linda watched as Mrs.R. was placed on a Golden Disk where the chakras were being aligned and healed and Mrs.R. was grounded.

The physical and spiritual were balanced and every cell of her being was put into balance.
Special healing was given to the heart and heart chakra so that Mrs.R. could love herself, give and accept love and speak her truth with love.

Special healing was given to the solar plexus chakra and the womb area releasing any old residual negative energy.

I now called upon the Auric Angels to seal, cleanse, strengthen and brighten the aura so that no more negative energy could enter and no more energy is lost and to keep the protection strong but to allow the new healing energies to flow in.

Mrs.R. was then placed in the healing pyramid with Linda at her head.
Linda watched as beautiful light beings came into the pyramid and one being placed itself around her and rested its hands on Linda’s head.

Healing energy started to flow from that Light Being through Linda to Mrs.R.

Linda watched as Mrs.R. became pure light herself and knew that all negative energy was released, it would not have been able to stay in the light.

The healing went on for quite a while and then Linda was told it was time to let go of Mrs.R., it was done.