Distance healing

By Linda Deverell.

I started with Distance Healing when I was doing Energy Healing/Reiki, whatever you want to call it, 12 years ago.

For the second level I needed to send healing to my teacher who was living at that time in Nevada and I was with our friends in Orange County, California. We agreed over the phone that I would give healing and would concentrate on the left side of her face, her ear to be exact. I held a piece of paper with her name on it in both my hands, as in prayer, and did all the signs and prayers I had been taught and started to be a conduit for healing. After 15 minutes I heard this voice say, “You’re done”! So, I stopped. My teacher then phoned at that moment and said that she was told, “You’re done”! We were both told simultaneously the Healing was finished and it was successful. That is how I started and never looked back. 

When I become the conduit these days I sit in a special place and hold a crystal in my hands and focus my thoughts on the person. Sometimes people tell me that they knew I was there, that healing was taking place, that they could feel beautiful energy coming to them and sat down to enjoy it. 

With Distance Healing stubborn attachments are not released, they need our special Spirit Release treatment. Healing will be given to that area where healing is needed and only the Guides and Angels know that and your Higher Self. I don’t send anything; I don’t do anything other than becoming a conduit and sit until I’m ‘told’ it is done. I sometimes get messages but most of the time I know nothing of what is going on. 

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