We were asked to help a young man who did not respond to conventional medicine and this is what happened:

Linda said that Mr. R. had three dark spots of negative energy in his body, which looked like they formed a triangle. One in his throat chakra and the other two on the sides of his hips.

She said that the dark energy with Mr. R. was very negative and to call the Warriors.

We, together with the Warriors, helped these dark ones to remember who they really were and to find that spark of divinity within. We saw them change themselves back into their former selves and emerge as beautiful light beings.

They were all very happy to be ‘home’ and eager to help. The leader said that they had been with Mr. R. since he was a young teenager. He had been wide open at the time and it was easy for them to attach themselves. They split themselves into two groups of five and placed themselves around the body blocking things. The leader said that there had been another energy with Mr. R. when they joined him and they could use that other energy to their own ends. They had placed a shield around Mr.R.  stopping anything positive from reaching him and stopping this other energy from leaving. They had entered around the heart area, which already was ‘week’ and they had worked on that. They were in the endocrine system stopping things from working properly and working on his fear. I called upon the Healing Angels to come to Mr.R. to start the healing process. The new lightworkers happily went to help. When they said that they had done their best I asked all of them to call out to any other dark ones that were around and to tell them to look inside themselves and to find that spark of divinity within, to remember who they really are, beautiful light beings like themselves and to come home to the light. This they did and said that many more were joining them.  They all then left to their own place of healing with the Warriors in the light. I asked the Healing Angels to continue with the healing whilst we dealt with the other problem.

Addressing the other presence with Mr.R. it turned out to be an earthbound spirit who said that his name was ‘Father 'Joseph’. He was very reluctant to talk and wanted us to be quiet. I eventually wormed out of him that he was a monk who was hiding, as other monks were looking for him and that he was making sure that they did not find this boy who might ’spill the beans’. Joseph was talking in riddles and not telling the real story. Trying another tactic I talked about the light and that he was lost in the dark. He became very wary saying that he should be punished for what he had done and that being in the dark was his punishment. Assuring him that there was only love for him in the light and only he would judge himself. He said that if that were true then the other monks who were looking for him could not inflict their punishment on him. I assured him again that this was so and he warily accepted to see what I was talking about. I called upon the light to surround Joseph and to give him healing, love and warmth. Joseph relaxed in the light and was amazed at how bright it was and how wonderful it felt. I called upon someone to come to Joseph from the light to explain everything better than I. To his surprise he said that his sister Constance was there for him. After a very long conversation between them Joseph said that he needed to explain. He said that in another lifetime Mr.R. was one of the boys that the monks abused. He had been part of this. When he died he joined the person who was to become Mr.R. in this lifetime in order to keep him quiet. He had waited for him from that lifetime into this one and rejoined him as a baby. It was his promised task to keep this soul from telling what had gone on. Joseph said that he and his sister needed to have a long talk and that he was happy to go with her to the light. He apologised to Mr.R. for everything that had happened to him and asked what would be the outcome of the situation with the boys and the monks involved. I told him that there was obviously a negative karma existing here and this would be resolved another time. After checking his sister’s authenticity and that Joseph was clear himself he left to the light with his sister. I asked the Healing Angels to fill the spiritual space left by Joseph in Mr.R. with healing light and for all the healing to continue for as long as possible.

This is what we received from the family of the young man:

Dear Linda and Bob,
On behalf of my wife and her family, we thank you enormously from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done for her brother Mr.R..  We knew that his situation was complicated as we had been looking after him during his psychiatric treatments. But, we had no idea it was this complex.  I have been working in the psychiatric field for almost 8 years, and when I noticed that he was not responding to any of the medicines he was taking, including ones for treatment resistant patients, we knew we had to take a different route. Thank God we found you.  Both of you are beautiful souls working a beautiful cause.  I congratulate you and thank you so much for the attention and professionalism you have shown us.   We look forward to seeing him improve every day.
Feel free to post this message on the website, as we are so grateful for what you have done.
May God Bless You Both, Mr.V.