Asking for our Guides to surround us with protective light and our Father Mother God to bless this healing I then proceeded to ask Arch Angel Michael to place all those who are necessary for the healing to take place in his Crystal Golden Healing Pyramid. I asked Mother Earth to surround us from her side in the shape of an upside down Pyramid so that we were working from a 6 pointed star.

After Linda was induced into hypnosis she sent part of her consciousness to the premises, and found herself standing outside the home. Linda said that there was a very dense negative grey mist enveloping the house and grounds. It had accumulated there and there was a lot of negative energy, including earthbound spirits in the mist. Linda said that this grey mist and its negative energy needed to be released before we can reach the house. Any lost souls encapsulated in the vortex of light encapsulating the mist need to be helped to the light. I called upon the Healing Angels to form a vortex of light around the premises and grounds spreading out as far as necessary and to ‘hoover’ up all negative energy in and above the ground and take it to the light. I asked that a helper comes to every lost soul now encapsulated by the vortex of light and helps each one to their appropriate place in the light. Linda said that this negative energy being released also went deep into Mother Earth. Something quite negative had occurred in the area and to call the appropriate Angels to deal with it. I called upon the Negative Energy Vortex Angels to come and release all old negative energies, above and deep into the earth and to close the vortex when completed. I asked that the Geopathic Stress Line Angels unblock straighten and repair the energy lines in the earth so that the energy was flowing freely again I asked that Mother Earth and the Earth Elementals help with the clearing. Linda confirmed, after some time, that this was being done and that the clearing would continue for some time.

Linda then said that she was able to enter the house. Entering the premises she said that there was blocked energy everywhere. She said that she was seeing a high house with two floors. At the back of the house there was an earthbound spirit, a woman, looking out of a window. Addressing this lost soul she said that her name was Charlotte, but she was called Charlie. She said that she could see them. Asking what she meant she said that there had been a famine and many people had died. There had been a drought, no crops, no food and this caused a bad illness. One of the family members came back with the illness and everyone caught it. They had buried their dead, including the children out there. Linda saw a big tree on a little bit of a hill and said that there were bodies buried there. Any souls still present were being helped to the light. Explaining to Charlotte that we were there to take everyone ‘home’ to their appropriate place in the light she said that she had been protecting everyone until this day came. I called upon the light to surround Charlotte and to give her healing, love and warmth. She told us that she was 62 years old and asking her if she knew what year it had been she said that 87 came in her head. (presumably 1887?) I called upon someone to come to her from the light to explain where she was and what would happen next. To her delight she said that her sister was there for her accompanied by what looked like an Angel. It was a happy reunion and she said that she was told that her Angel would be taking her to a place of healing and rehabilitation before meeting up with her family group. After checking the authenticity of her sister and her Angel she happily left to the light with them.
Here is what our client told us:

Hi Linda,
I did go to the new house yesterday and it did feel much lighter. I kept thinking that there was so much more sunshine and light in there, now I know why!!
I just had a question again regarding the size of the area involved in the clearing. I was looking up the history of the area that my house is in, it's located in old Toronto just east of downtown by the lake. I did find that in 1847, there were 30,000 Irish immigrants that came to Canada to flee the potato famine in Ireland. Of those numbers 1100 died in Toronto from typhus. Now the area they died in was 10kms from my home. Could that be the tragedy Charlotte mentioned? Or did it happen too far away from my house? Also, could that many souls have been saved when you did your clearing? Would your clearing have covered such a large area? Thank you for response, it just seems to fit in with the situation that was described. Thank you:)

The area we worked on was huge so hopefully all the lost souls were released to the Light, the back up scan will tell us.