Irene Hickman D.O. 1915-2002

Dr. Irene Hickman was born May 21, 1915 in Clariton, IA to Urban and Effie (Ray) Hill. She received her BA degree from Simpson College, Indianola, IA in 1938. As the mother of two young children, Irene graduated in 1949 as a Doctor of Osteopathy from the (now-defunct) College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons in Los Angeles, empowering her to "use any and all methods of treating the sick." She discovered for herself the benefits of hypnotherapy. Later in her life, she founded and then became a consultant of the National Society of Hypnotherapists. She is a past president of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. She is the author of "Mind Probe - Hypnosis", 1983 (7th printing in 1995); and "Remote Depossession", 1994.
Early in her career she became disenchanted with the results of her work as an Osteopathic Physician realising that the majority of patients continued to be ill, tense, worried or unhappy. After training in hypnosis she began to use this tool on many of her patients with great success. She became convinced that within the subconscious of each of us there exists a level of wisdom and insight far surpassing that available in our normal state of consciousness. Under hypnosis it was possible to transcend time and space, recall and relive distant memories, some even from ancient times. With the understanding that all emotional and physical problems have an emotional source the patients subconscious mind can take them back to relive the experience, which can be dealt with by releasing that memory and resolving the problem. In her work she suddenly found herself talking to a different person who was also occupying the body of the client and over many years helped these lost souls leave their host and go to the Light. It became obvious that many of the patient''s problems were from attached entities and when relieved of these attachments the problem was resolved. After many years of doing this work she wrote her book Remote Depossession. She pioneered the development in remote work. The advantage of using a professional scanner over direct work is that it bypasses any resistance from any attachment that is with the client.
We believe that Regression Therapy and Spirit Release are inextricably linked but have found that carrying out a Spirit releasement process quite often is all that is needed and there is no need to probe any further. Here we must hasten to point out that not all physical and emotional problems emanate from attachments.