Our way of working

Our way of working has changed over the years as we all change constantly with the ascension of Mother Earth and ourselves. All we know and teach comes from doing our work and the constant guidance of our Spiritual Committee. We know that we are on the right path when we read books, from well-known healers and doctors, who confirm in their writing the path we are already on.

We know that as the world moves through its Ascension at this time that the medical profession will come to accept Spiritual Healing in all its aspects, Spirit Release and Regression Therapy will become part of the mainstream.

Often people ask us if it is possible to do a healing for someone else, a relative or friend etc. who does not know about the healing, reasons being: they don''t believe in this, they are under medication in hospital, or are suffering from substance abuse etc. We found, over the years, that it seems to work even more, for the Universe knows that a person requesting help for another with so much love carries the strongest light. Also, that loving friend is there to help the person, after the releasement, with the ongoing healing that takes place. We have carried out this remote work for people all over the world from our own home.
More recently we were shown that the whole soul group is helped by the Releasement for the individual as any negative attachment naturally affects the whole spiritual ''family''. Any karma that is appropriate to be released from this lifetime and any other relative lifetime is also transformed into positive energy for the whole soul group.
As with all healing, even mainstream, the person needs to want to become well.