Ongoing Protection

Over the years of working in Spirit Release it became very obvious that the actual releasing of any negative attachments was the beginning of the complete healing package. The person needed to come to terms with being free to think clearly and to look forward positively down their chosen path, knowing that not only were they clear of any negative influences but also protected and that their own Guides and Angels were walking side by side with them. If the person carried on with negative thoughts or activities then they could lay themselves wide open again for other negative energies to join them and the whole scenario would repeat itself. This is where ongoing support and guidance from the therapist and loved ones is vital. When the client is a child or someone who is unable to help themselves, such as a mentally handicapped person, schizophrenic, or addict it became clear that constant help and guidance was necessary.
One such case, happily with a successful outcome, was of a young lady who was hopelessly addicted to alcohol, was anorexic and suicidal. We were asked to help by her mother. After the initial releasements we did a remote scan on the lady on a monthly basis to keep her clear of negative attachments that were constantly trying to attach to her. Keeping her clear of outside negative energies on a constant basis gave her the chance to beat her problems. Her own free will and tenacity to get better overcame her own fears and happily, now after three years, she is back in the community holding down a good job. She is now strong enough that we do not need to scan her any more.
Also, many healers who have experienced negative energies/entities with their clients and have subsequently become attached themselves employ us on a regular monthly basis to keep them clear of negative energies and for the universe to give them a general boost and healing.
A full report is sent to them on a monthly basis.

After the initial Spirit Release scan and the subsequent back-up scan is carried out the client, or their loved ones, can ask for a regular monthly scan on a six monthly basis at the reduced price of £25 per scan.

We currently ''look after'' around 50 clients on this basis.