The Spirit Release Process

The work can be carried out directly with the client, indirectly with the client present using a professional scanner or remotely, the client not present. Under the premise that we are all one, from the same Source, our subconscious minds can tap into that Oneness and connect with another person''s Higher Self, wherever they are. The hypnotherapist induces the scanner into hypnosis (relaxed state) and asks the scanner to send part of his/her consciousness to connect with the client and asks permission from their Higher Self to scan them. The scanner then reports any problem he/she is shown. The facilitator talks to whatever area the problem is shown in the body or Aura and ascertains what or who is present. This can be Earthbound Spirits, Extra Terrestrials, Dark Force Entities, Thought Forms, Past Life Memories, Curses, Vows, Contracts, The Inner Child, Soul Fragmentation, Physical Ailments and others. For each attachment there is a specific method of release, whereby they go to the Light or their appropriate place, or methods of resolving the other problems by dissolving, reliving or changing them.

Here we must point out that, as with all Spiritual Healing, we work with the Universal Energy, we are just the conduits, and we work all of our Helpers hard! We work with St. Michael, his Warriors and all the Healing Angels. We ask for protection and are protected. Free will and Karma have a significant role to play in the healing. If, at a deeper level, the Karma can be changed or transmuted, then with the agreement of all concerned the problem can be resolved. Here the person''s free will has to agree.


In our experience all attachments have a negative effect on the host. This can cause problems on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. If you can answer yes to some of the following questions it is possible that the cause of your problem is from entity or other attachments.

  • My energy level is low.
  • I suffer from character shifts or mood swings.
  • I hear inner voices speaking to me.
  • I have used or abused food, drugs or alcohol.
  • I have an impulsive behaviour.
  • I have a problem remembering things.
  • I have poor concentration.
  • I have experienced a sudden onset of anxiety or depression.
  • I have experienced a sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause.
  • I am currently taking medicine.