The White Light of protection

This is a highly recommended way to protect yourself from any and all negativity that may be directed toward you.

♥ Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed for a few minutes.
♥ Quiet your mind and your body. To do this, close your eyes and take three long, slow deep breaths. As you do this, say to yourself “I quiet my mind, I quiet my body”.
♥ Begin to concentrate on filling your body with the perfect White Light of protection that comes from your Creator.
♥ Another way to state this might be: “I call upon my Guardian Angels and my Spirit Guides to surround my presence with the protection of the White Light and to make it so that any and all negative energy can never penetrate this protection”.
♥ Do not be discouraged if your mind wanders. Just bring your thoughts back and continue on. Mentally fill your body with this Light until you sense that it has been accomplished. Then expand this perfect White Light out and around your body until you are totally surrounded by it.
♥ Now, imagine that there is a protective shield around this bubble of Light - a shield that will only allow loving and positive influences to penetrate it. All negativity is repelled and bounces back to its source transformed into positive and loving energy.
♥ Continue to do this for three to five minutes. Then slowly bring yourself back and open your eyes. Do this White Light meditation on a regular daily basis - as often as possible. This is not a “magic formula” that automatically “works” just because you say it. It must be allowed to enter into your core belief. Used on a daily basis, it becomes stronger and stronger until you can feel it as a true part of your self that goes beyond belief and becomes a knowing. This process has been used by many, many people. If any part of this does not set well with you, feel free to modify it in accordance with your core belief. Here is a short meditative prayer (from Unity) you might consider:
♥  The Light of God surrounds me.
♥  The Love of God enfolds me.
♥  The power of God protects me.
♥  The presence of God watches over me.
♥  Wherever I am, God is.