Dear Bob and Linda,

Thank you for the initial scans you did for me and my family! It's a though we have breathed a collective sigh of relief. Things feel lighter for all of us, and I witnessed in person the brightness in my family members' eyes immediately following each individual scan. We will continue to benefit from this refreshing, cleansing spiritual process. I'm so grateful to you for your talents and dedication to this work. Many blessings on you both! :-)

Lisa from NY

Here one of our recent Testimonial done for Miss. S. from Dubai.

I genuinely wish I could hug you both, I've been crying of happiness non stop I have not felt happy in so long. I've read my report time and time again and can't believe it's finally over. I just don't know how to thank you both, just know that from the bottom of my heart I appreciate the work you have done and do in general, and I thank my lucky stars for finding out about you.             Please do feel free to post this on your website, people should know that the work you do is nothing short of incredible. 

Love and Light,  Miss S. 

The next Testimonial comes from a client who asked us and our group to send distant healing to his dog who was very ill. This shows the power of Distant Healing.

"The Vet told us that Bogey had a bone tumor and was only going to live through June or July of last year. The work that you and your team did shrunk the tumor completely. It had vanished from his jaw. The Vet can''t figure it out but I know what did it. All of you. As a result of your generous kindness to help Bogey, we were able to enjoy his loving company for an additional seven months and on January 31st, it was time to send him to Heaven. He lived an amazing life of 14 years and 3 months. He shared love, joy and happiness with all who encountered him and he was my mentor in how to live in the moment and be happy always. I am eternally grateful for the work you did on his behalf. We will never forget this act of kindness and have already started paying it forward to others we encounter. Have a wonderful week and thanks again for the seven additional months of joy you brought me, my wife and my two daughters".

S.N. from California.

Hello Linda and Bob,

I really don''t know where to start with thanking you for what you have done for me. It has still not sunk in what has happened. I feel so different yet so familiar because it''s how I used to feel when I was growing up. I close my eyes and there is peace with no thoughts that won''t go away, no fear , no need to analyse over and over again the same pointless thing - its all gone and what is left is heaven. I never thought I would feel this way again, in this lifetime anyway. I can not even begin to try and express my gratitude to you both and to all who helped with this. I now have my life back. This is amazing, it is slowly dawning on me what has happened and many things have fallen into place for me. So I thank you very very much.

I have for a long time had a problem with my left eye and I thought it was a problem with my brain that was causing it, probably caused by drugs - it always seemed half shut and dead looking I used to hate it everyday and could never accept it. It used to make me self-concious and I didnt like making eye contact because I knew what it looked like to me. My left eye now looks normal, the same as the other one and it looks alive too, it shines again when I smile.

The freeing of the 6 DFE''s who had been there for 2 weeks was obviously great too and this is what I came to you for - the relief of having them off my back is fab, but so much more has happened, I now feel free from years of difficutly which I was beginning to think I might never be free from, but had become used to. I was hoping to return back to that after the DFE''s were cleared (and that would have been good ) but to find out that I would be returnig to something far greater and way way better was an amazing surprise and just incredible for me. I can''t really believe it, i feel like I have won the lottery or something. I had the best weekend with my Dad and Brother, I have not got on with my Dad for all this time but we got on so well and we''re planning another break together. To top it all off that weekend I happened to be in the most magical place I know where we used to come as kids to a seaside town in North Northumberland, a truly magical place and the place I would come to in my mind to feel most at home and at peace. I was born in Northumberland and I don''t go back there that often but I couldn''t have been in a more perfect place that weekend. My body felt like it was merging with all the magical beings that live up there - it was great. Thanks again so much for this. The change in the way I feel is incredible - you have given me my life back and I can''t thank you enough for this.

Much love, Mr. J.

Dear Bob and Linda,

Thank you for what you have done. (cleared a shop) You should use us as your public relations company!
We called our spirit Sam and his name was even used on greetings cards to each other.
In a light hearted way it was a part of our working day. We would always say morning Sam, always include him in chats so as he wasn''t lonely.
There was change in the vibration of the store when I called you, because he seemed to be really distressed. He loved being in my mums office, regularly you would hear mum shouting at him as he would be throwing seemingly heavy objects on the floor, or doors would swing open and papers would be thrown onto the floor.When we entered the building in the morning we would find papers had been moved to other areas of the room, we would laugh and say , hey Sam what have you been up to now?
Then it did get a bit scary for your average human, we had two sightings by two people, you would be in the kitchen and feel a tap on your shoulder, footsteps would be heard all the time on the upper floors and the tea cups would rattle or fall. In my office we had a week of items that couldn''t move on their own be thrust on to the floor, only  strong vibration could have sent them the distance they were hurtled.
So I called you. We all felt Sam wasn''t happy any more.
Since you scanned the building we have had a miraculous change, it is easy to quantify what has happened.
The mood of everyone has been lifted I am blessed to work with a happy team, but, since your scan everyone is positively euphoric, also we are jammed with new customers!!!!!! It seems the front door has been figuratively flung open! to welcome new patients.
My mum has a weird rustling in her office still, she still shouts Sam shut up and amazingly it does.
Funny you should say it feels misty outside, their is a huge building project across the road, I am sure that it must unsettle things I don''t understand , but I am sure you will.
As for me Bob and Linda I cant explain how much better I feel, I know I had a bad time with what has been going on in my life lately.......but..........I feel lighter since you scanned me and so much more positive. I felt so heavy in my heart and it was amazing that my attachment was there. I cant wait for my next scan.
I am so blessed to have been introduced to you through my dear friend Mary, who is one of the best people I have ever met along with her husband.
Thank you.
I am forever in awe of your skill and gifts.
With love
Ms. J.

Dear Bob and Linda,

Many, Many thanks for the great work. I just read the report and am so grateful for you and Bob and the clarity you receive from our friends on the other side. 
Yesterday I could feel something releasing from my head area.  Even around my eyes there was a tingling sensation.  I prepared my higher self for the healing in meditation.  I am not surprised that my head was targeted.  I have been getting headaches for years and sometimes they turn into migraines where medication is necessary.  Strange, because I am really quite healthy and never could figure that one out. 
Today, I am still feeling body sensations that are very nice.  I can feel spirit "touching" me at different places around my body.  I am a little light headed too, nothing serious.  I will go into mediation tonight and reground.
I am part Native American on my paternal Grandmother''s side. (When we started the work on C. there were many Native American Indian''s around to help) I never met her. 
I will read the report again and again.  It''s quite remarkable.
Thanks so much,
C. California.

Hi Linda and Bob,

Here is a follow-up since then.

I wanted to tell you that a new feeling of lightness has come over me.  I know that something negative is gone.  My head and brain are more at peace.  My emotional state is happier.  I haven''t had a headache since the clearing.  My neck is more in alignment.  Also, I used to get mouth canker sores on a regular basis.  Sometimes, I could hardly chew my food.  I haven''t had one since the Spirit Release.  I think the entities were messing with my digestive system, too.  Physically and emotionally I am in better shape and more like my old self.
Thank you, and I look forward to the second scan.I will prepare myself and my guides.
Thanks so much,
C. California.

Dear Bob and Linda,

I have been wanting and intending to write to you ever since I received my initial report and I feel so badly that I have not gotten to it yet.  Please forgive my slowness in communicating.  Reading the content of my report moved me deeply and I cried.  That day and for quite a while afterwards I felt a tremendous burden had been lifted.  I felt lighter, happier, more loving and in my heart space much more of the time.  I also found that I was better able to speak my truth about anything openly and honestly with others.  It is difficult to remember now all the specific things I experienced, but all of them were positive and very noticeable to me and to others around me.  Thank you so much for what you did for me. I look forward to receiving my back up scan when that is complete. Again, it was lovely to hear from you and many blessings to you.

ps. Another very interesting thing about my report that I forgot to tell you is that you mentioned the entity attachment(s) had caused problems with my digestive system. I have had major physical problems in that area for years. It was amazing to read that. Also, my problems have almost entirely disappeared. Everything mentioned in my report rang true for me. Thank you again so much. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

With love and light, ms. S. California.

Hi Bob and Linda,

Thank you both for your wonderful work.
I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am for all you have done.  My friend feels the same. I could tell immediately after she had her original scan there was a huge difference in her. She is way more loving and less self-protective. I could go on and on. For myself, I feel much more at peace and connected to Spirit. It feels like a layer has been peeled away and light is coming in. I am also much more energetic.
This work you do is SO important. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. 

Thank you again from my heart.

Love and Light, P. California.

Hello Bob and Linda,
Thank you so much for your wonderful work. 
I appreciate that you are doing this work in the world and I will most definitely be sending
you some new clients. There are many people who do this type of work, but very few who I
consider really understand the depth, scope and completeness in the way that you practice it.
I am very happy to have found you.  Thanks again:)
Many blessings,
T.  California.

Dear Bob and Linda,
Just wanted to say thank you for the scan and releasement. I have suffered maybe for the last 6-7 years with back and neck ache, which I kept putting down to exercising wrongly or to whiplash from an old car accident years previously, I’m relieved to know where I was feeling these pains from. I have come to realise over the last 4-5 years that I have been picking up on other people’s feelings and energies, as an uneasy gut reaction within myself, at times a strong sickly sense. I do have to admit at the time I did not know what was happening, but after doing some courses I now understand what it is.
I am truly grateful to you both for your work and I hold no malice whatsoever towards Ruth in any way. If I have learned anything on this journey, it is that things unknown to our wakeing conciousness happen for a reason. I am grateful to Ruth for choosing me and I have no doubt that she was a spiritual lady, who has excelled my spiritual learning since she joined me, I thank her greatly for that and am sure she has been one of my greatest teachers. As the saying goes, everything has its place, time and reason for being; divine timing is perfect in every way. I am happy she is now rejoined with her family in the love, light, peace and harmony of our divine creator.
Blessings to you both for the work of love and light you perform,
Kind regards always,
Ms L.

Hi Bob and Linda,
My sister is doing much better. The day after her scan my dad went into her room to wake her up - usually she is very grumpy and gets annoyed when he does that, but this time she just opened her eyes, looked at him and smiled - my dad was overcome!  I know its a small thing, but this is a big thing to us!  My dad said to her later that day that she seemed different -  lighter, brighter... he couldn''t describe it exactly.  He said this to her and she replied that she felt different and that she did feel lighter and brighter.  When my dad asked her why she thought that was, she said she didn''t quite know, but that maybe the antidepressants were working?
There is definitley a marked improvement,  although she still does become moody and angry quickly. It''s not as dark and doesn''t last that long, which is a relief, because we never used to know what she was thinking or planning when she was in a depression.  We are so grateful to you, I think you have made a huge difference, and although she still has a way to go as far as dealing with her grief at our cousin''s death, and dealing with her emotions in general, I think this is an excellent start for her.  I am now just anxious to make sure her back-up scan is clear, because I know she is susceptible to entities attaching to her from past experience.
I look forward to receiving your next report, a loving sister.

The following was sent to us from another Therapist who has proven once again that a mixture of Healing Therapies can be so powerful. They all compliment each other and together become powerful healing for the client.

"Special thanks to Linda and Bob for providing Spirit Release as part of the multi-therapy support for my 30 year old patient with cancer metastases to the lymph, chest, thymus, both lungs and the brain, given only a few months to live. He is now in full remission and has returned to full time work. The oncologist can''t believe it - this miracle provides further proof that Spirit Release can work wonders as part of the therapeutic mix for even no hope cases where there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you again to The Hickman Academy for helping make this amazing outcome possible. The therapy mix (as well as orthodox chemo and radiotherapy) included: Electro crystals, Vortex Healing, Spirit Release, Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, dietary changes, Essiac, supplements (vitamins/minerals/essential fatty acids/Serrapeptase/digestive enzymes etc).

Winnie Marr, Electrocrystals practitioner, BRCP energy medicine division; Vortexhealer; Doctor of clinical biochemistry (London)

A letter from the grandmother of Miss S.

Dear Linda and Bob,

Thank you very much for the help you gave my granddaughter Miss S.
I rang you desperate for help. My granddaughter had become involved with a drug addict and was in a desperate situation. “The boyfriend” owed a lot of money to drug dealers, they took her two year old car, emptied her bank account and were threatening the lives of Miss S. and her boyfriend.
She was going to move abroad on the Monday following my phone call, without any money and nowhere to stay.  We only found out about this on the Wednesday. I rang you Linda on the Thursday and you promised to work on her on the Friday. I could not believe it when Miss S. came to me on that Friday!!
She is now living with me, has a job and is back to being the lovely girl she was before.
I cannot thank you both enough for all your help. You both have a great gift, long may you use it in good health.
You would be most welcome to give my phone number to anyone who would like confirmation of what you do.
Thank you both once again, a grateful grandmother.

Here is another update from Mr. and Mrs. D.H. from Iowa after having done some more scans for their daughter miss C. and a Spirit Release for her little niece.

Miss C. as she is lovingly called, was given a "wastebasket diagnosis" of congenital microcephaly. her father says, wastebasket because it was a diagnosis reached after eliminating many other diagnoses through testing and clinical exam findings. 

 Dear Bob and Linda,
My wife and I wanted to thank you again for your help with  our daughter C. She is a much happier child that we can now take almost anywhere without going bonkers (only exception is Walmart). She no longer hits or pulls anyone''s hair, and enjoys a special status at her elementary school as a very sociable special child whom everyone says hello to. We are very pleased with the results of her Releasement.
The results with C. and our niece S. has generated considerable interest in Spirit Releasement and family and friends are interested in this work as well. 
My wife and I are very interested in pursuing training in this work. What would you recommend for a physician-psychologist husband-wife pair? We would be willing to come to England for training.
Many thanks again for your worderful work with Miss C. I will foward another video for your review and records.

You may use it for whatever purpose you wish.
Warm Wishes,
Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Iowa.

Testimonial from Mr. Z. from USA.

Dear Bob and Linda,

I can’t thank you enough for all the help the healing scans have provided. The healing experience on the day of the scan was verifiable in the most profound way. The loving energies that were experienced were as real and warm as the feeling of sunlight. The areas I felt healed were quite specific and were further corroborated by the healing report that came the next day. It was uncanny how you were able to pick up on elements in my life that you had no way of knowing. Shortly after the scan I saw two of my doctors who noted a marked increase in energy level as well as flexibility of the spine, which were two chief health complaints from prior illness and injury. I have to add that I greatly appreciated the kindness, compassion, patience and down-to-earth good humor you shared with me in via email and on the phone. You are two very unique and humble individuals.

Many thanks,

Mr.Z. USA.

Dear Bob and Linda,
Sorry for not responding to your report earlier.  Thank you so much for all your help with our daughter. She is so much brighter, people she has had problems with are now friendlier. There is a light in her eyes that hasn''t been there for a long time.
So thank you for helping us to get our daughter back.  We put her in a bubble on a daily basis to protect her and ask for protection for her. 
We are amazed at how different she is in such a short time and hope and pray that it will continue.
Take care, in love and light
Mrs. A. Herts.

Dear Bob and Linda:
I wanted to thank you both for the effort you have put into our daughter. C. has improved considerably. I am working on a DVD for your review. We are continuing to work on C. using various modalities of an energetic nature but we noticed significant improvement in balance, comprehension and overall muscle strength. I suspect it will take some  time to fully appreciate the extent to which she has responded to spirit releasement. When I have completed her DVD I will send you a copy.
If you both feel there is not much more from your end you can contribute, we can stop at this point and see how she does. On the other hand, we have planned to continue with your  work if you feel she will continue to benefit for another 6 months of your back up scans. Many thanks.
Sincerely, D. H. Iowa.

Dear Linda and Bob,
Thank you both for my report. What an yey opener this report was for me.
I have actually experienced some discomfort in the left side of my chest for some time now and had actually noticed earlier today that it had gone. I am very grateful to both of you.
Kind regards, Mrs.B.  

Subject re Mrs. R.''s scan.

Hi Linda and Bob,
Thank you so much for the scan. Very interesting!
Now I know why I had such pains around my heart area and in my lower back, problems with being bloated, digestion and hormonal crazyness, my nerves totally shot.
For years the doctors told me there is nothing wrong with me, that it is all in my head.
I have told my husband many times that my life changed after the twins were born (30 years ago!)
I have been living in fear, being totally petrified for the same amount of years.
At night especially I would have this inner trembling of fear yet I felt it was seperate from me yet I experience it.
I would look at it, felt it was not me, but yet I am living it. It was a terrible hell. It all now makes so much sense.
I am so glad to know that I was not crazy as it seemed to appear to other people.
Monday,  in the morning when you did the release I felt quite nausiated. Yesterday I started to feel very soar (cramplike) in my muscels (burning feeling) and right now I also have a soar pain in my heart area but  from my back in towards the heart.
I guess there are a lot of changes going on inside with these energies removed!
Again Linda and Bob sooooo many thanks for your help and your dedication for this process.
Thank you for giving a big part of my life back.
Forever thankful,
Regards, Mrs. R. Vancouver.

The following is a letter from a mother whose daughter we were privileged to help.
("Anyone reading this for inspiration to their needs will understand why I have not disclosed the identity of my daughter or myself. I hope that this does not detract, for you, the truth of what I have related.)
My daughter had an addiction so serious that the effects brought her close to death more than once. But I was determined that she would live and transform her life to become the highly intelligent, motivated and vivacious person that she was born to be.
I tried so many different therapists but her resistance was strong and she built an invisible wall around herself that allowed no help to reach her.
I understood why this happened, as tragic events in her childhood and later years made her feel that life was not worth living.
It was a terrible struggle for her and for those she loved.
Then I was introduced to Bob and Linda. Linda has a rare gift of being in touch with troubled souls who adversly influence anyone who has become spiritually weakened by an addiction or any particular mental or emotional disharmony. Bob is essentially needed to guide his wife into this hightened awareness and to protect her whilst doing the work.
Once I understood this process I requested healing for my daughter. This took far longer than I ever imagined.
Rather like a rise and fall in temperature during serious illness my daughter showed great improvement and then, so it seemed, back to square one.
But I would not give up, and am so grateful that Bob and Linda never weakened in their resolve to transform the life of my daughter.
Finally, after many, many sessions and a hard battle fought, not only by this remarkable couple, but inevitably also by my daughter, the situation started to be slowly resolved, and to my wonder and delight, she is now so well and strong and so happy with life and in her relationships of family and friends.
She is now working, using her own special gift of understanding the needs of people of all ages in her particular vocation. She is happier than she has ever been, and of course is ensuring the happiness and well-being of others.
So Bob and Linda have touched many more lives than one in their amazing and dedicated work.
Mrs. H. (Mother) Herts.

Dear Bob and Linda,
Thank you for all your efforts with respect to myself and my home.
The difference is amazing, both in the feel of my house and in the quality of my house.
So thanks as what you have done has so helped.
Best wishes, Mrs. C. Lancashire.